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Clone Wars opinions - where do we all stand?

By Frid Dopple
Select Inquisitor

Select Inquisitor
recently asked readers for their thoughts on the newly erupted Clone Wars. We must say, we're quite impressed! We received an outpouring of reponses from as far out as the Outer Rim. Here's what a few readers' had to say.

"I think the Republic needs a revolution, but the violent actions that Count Dooku and his followers are resorting to are wrong. Frankly, I’m just happy that our senator [Garm Bel Iblis] is lobbying to keep Corellia neutral. This really isn’t Corellia’s war."

Aylani Micander
Retired CorSec officer

"I sorta got mixed up with…stuff when I was a kid and wound up here working in the spice mines. It kind of sucks sometimes, but I don’t know where else to go. I don’t really have much money. I hope the Republic starts recruiting soon. I’d enlist. Beats being stuck here.”

Jonio Pimutay
Spice Miner

"Bugs me issa da clonin’. Cloning not ettical. No sur! Beside, how dey justa pop up outta no wheres anyways? Republic not ‘splain dat un burry vell! Take time grow clone. Republic never tell me dey growin’ ‘em. Tell you? ‘Tis shady stuff happenin’ and make me angry."

Junzi Zizajig
Speeder Pilot

"I’ve never liked the Republic or any government for that matter. All those politicians are just a bunch of scheming money hogs. They pretend to care about you at first, but after they’re elected forget that you exist. The whole rest of the galaxy can blow itself to bits, for all I care, so long as they don’t lay a finger on my moister farm. Why if that happens, there’ll be hell to pay!"

Lans Grumel
Moisture Farmer


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