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StarWarsSelect.com would not be as great as it is without help, encouragement, contributions, and cooperation from many people.

A big thank you to everyone that has sent their projects, or given me permission to repost their project here. You're all great!

Thanks to everyone that has emailed me with both praise and suggestions. I appreciate it!

This site probably never would have existed if I had not gone out on a limb and taken an HTML class in 2001 and had such a great instructor.

Thanks to George Lucas because, well, we all know why.

Wow, this is starting to look like an Oscars' acceptance speech to me, and I think that I'm about a nanosecond away from rattling off the names of pets, childhood friends, and second cousins, in which case if I were at the Oscars, that annoying wrap-it-up-and-get-off-stage music would probably be kicking in about now. Yeah, well, I really think it's about time for me to stop typing.

Anyway, thanks a million everybody! You all rock!

Best regards,



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