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Comic-Con Day One: KJ's Schedule

Here's how my schedule for Thursday July 22, 2004 at Comic-Comic International panned out. A few of the times listed may be approximated.
11:34am   Arrive at San Diego Convention Center (where Comic-Con is held)
11:52am   Begin standing in line for Star Wars Trival Pursuit DVD tryout (Hyperspace members can check me out on the webcam here).
12:07am   Choose a script to read for the Star Wars Trivial Pursuit judges (Steve Sansweet, Steve Miller, and one other guy)/chat with a few other people in line.
12:30pm   Try out for Star Wars Trival Pursuit DVD (Hyperspace members can see me audition in front of the webcam here). Was not selected as semi-finalist, but walked away with an awesome exclusive t-shirt. Time well spent.
12:40pm   Watch other people try out for a few minutes, then explore the Star Wars area and take pictures of Star Wars actors, exhibits, and fans in costume.
03:20pm   Chow down on a slice of pepperoni pizza (it cost $8.00 for a bland tasting personal pan pizza!).
03:33pm   Explore the rest of the convention.
04:35pm   Take pictures of Channel 8 news correspondant next to three stormtroopers.
04:40pm   See Jake Lloyd exploring convention. He passes by me and says, "Excuse me."
04:51pm   Walk to volunteer booth and wait to be escorted to assignment at the art show up on the second floor.
05:07pm   Arrive, along with five other volunteers, at art show. Told by supervisor to patrol art display, and not let anyone take pictures, or touch the artwork. Supervisor said that he'd probably find us (the volunteers) something else to do in a little while, but that never happened, and we all ended up walking around for two hours. I pitied the poor woman who was wearing dress shoes.
07:02pm   Relieved of volunteer duties an hour earlier than scheduled (thank goodness!).
07:31pm   Wait for trolley.
07:45pm   Board trolley, and head back for the night.

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