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Comic-Con Day Two: KJ's Schedule

Friday July 23, 2004 was deemed Star Wars Day at Comic-Comic International. Here's how my Friday schedule shaped up. A few of the times listed may be approximated.
11:32am   Arrive at San Diego Convention Center (where Comic-Con is held)
11:43am   Run to, and eventually arrive at, Star Wars Hasbro panel on the second floor. The presentation started at 11:30, and I only caught the tail end of the Q&A.
11:55am   Go back downstairs to the Star Wars Pavillion. Watch a few more of the Star Wars Trivial Pursuit auditions, and see a woman dressed up as Padmé audition. Take more pictures around the Star Wars Pavillion.
01:00pm   Attend Star Wars LucasArts program. I did not understand half of what the panel was talking about, or half of the questions asked during Q&A (I'm not a gamer), but it was fun watching the trailers for Knights of the Old Republic II, Star Wars Battlefront, and Star Wars Republic Commando.
01:55pm   The Star Wars Fan Club presentation begins in the same room. Quite convenient. The panel consisted of Pablo Hidalgo and Paul Ens of Lucasfilm Online, and two other folks who represent the Star Wars Insider magazine, whose names I'm looking into. The panel was moderated by Steve Sansweet.
02:47pm   Star Wars Fan Club presentation ends early. Head back downstairs to the Star Wars Pavillion. Walk around, and snap more photos.
03:02pm   Arrive at the San Diego Star Wars Society presentation. Chat with a few other fans, and find out that main event during the presentation is a trivia contest. First, the club talks a bit about who they are and what they do. Then, we go through a couple of rounds of trivia. I make it to the final five out of about fifty or so people in one round, but then I blow it.
04:00pm   Attend the Star Wars Continuity panel. Panel consists of Timothy Zahn, Aaron Allston, Greg Keyes, as well as the guy in charge of the Star Wars Tales comic books, and a few editors. The panel is moderated by Lucasfilm Online's Pablo Hidalgo.
04:36pm   Hesitantly, I leave the panel early. Go downstairs, purchase an Obi-Wan Kenobi As First Build 0.45 scale lightsaber replica for $38. The lightsaber is a shared convention exclusive with Comic-Con and one other upcoming convention. It's my first Master Replicas prop ever.
04:45pm   Head to the volunteer booth to check in for 5pm volunteer assignment.
05:15pm   Escorted to programming assignment upstairs. Ironically, I am assigned to the same room that the Star Wars Continuity panel was being held in. All I have to do is take a head count of everyone attending the presentation at the beginning, and then one more time at the end, and then pick some trash left behind between presentations. Easy job.
07:15pm   Finish volunteer assignment. Wait around for the rest of the hour in order to be given credit for three hours of volunteer service. Share the pictures I'd taken earlier in the day with another guy.
07:55pm   Leave Comic-Con.
08:15pm   Board trolley, and head back for the night.

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