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Star Wars and eBay Obsessions Converge at Comic-Con 2004


September 02, 2004

I was walking around on the last day of Comic-Con, wearing my new Revenge of the Sith T-shirt. Just as I was passing by the eBay booth an eBay employee, named Chris Spencer, noticed my shirt, approached me, and said, "Are you a Star Wars fan?"

I responded that yes, I was a fan. He then asked if I was a pretty big fan. I know that a non-Star Wars fan would consider me to be a big fan, but I've always had difficulty gauging my level of fandom in comparison to other fans. It's not an exact science. Since I didn't know whether this guy was a fan or not, I shrugged, and said that I guessed I was.

Turns out Chris Spencer is a Star Wars fan, and a hardcore one at that. He told me that he bought out every ticket (all 214 of them) to a showing of The Phantom Menace at his local theatre to celebrate his 30th birthday.
He invited all of his friends and family (and then some) to the showing, and it was a blast.

As he was wrapping up his story I thought to myself someone could've written a newpaper article about this guy -- the media eats this kind of stuff up!

  The eBay display at Comic-Con International 2004 where I chatted with eBay employee and Star Wars fan extraordinaire Chris Spencer
Photo © StarWarsSelect.com

The eBay display at Comic-Con where I chatted with eBay employee and Star Wars fan extraordinaire Chris Spencer.

Actually they did write an article - which I highly recommend reading - here:
The Force is With Him: Man buys every ticket for 'Star Wars Episode I' showing, celebrates 30th birthday with family, friends

I guess it goes to show that when the stars are aligned, the Force is with you, and you happen to be wearing a Star Wars T-shirt, you're bound to bump into a fan with an interesting story. I'll have to make a note of that.

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