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Random Jedi Wisdom

"Lesson one, a Jedi needs air to function properly."

-- Luke Skywalker, Vision of the Future p. 643 (paperback)

" There are certain constants that remain the same throughout the galaxy. The speed of light, the motion of moons, and the unwillingness of politicians to commit to anything that requires a leap of personal responsibility."

-- Luminara Unduli, The Approaching Storm p. 34 (paperback)

"If droids could think they're be none of us here, would there?"

-- Obi-Wan Kenobi, Episode II: Attack of the Clones

"Night is defined as time for all good little boys and girls to go to sleep."

-- Mara Jade, Vision of the Future p. 221 (paperback)

"Sometimes it's exhilarating to know you can rise above others who are trapped down below."

-- Kyp Durron, Dark Apprentice p. 221 (paperback)

"Patience is one of those things to learn. The ability to do a thing is not all there is. You must know the thing. You must master every facet of it. You must understand how it fits with everything else you know. You must possess it for it to be truly yours."

-- Luke Skywalker, Dark Apprentice p. 204 (paperback)

"I've never had to find a hard question in my life. They've always found me."

-- Mara Jade, Vision of the Future p. 622 (paperback)

"An artist the Force is. Not to be happy about that - look what artists do! Unpredictable they are, like children."

-- Yoda, Rogue Planet p. 170 (paperback)

"The Force isn't just about power, like most non-Jedi think. It's also about guidance: everything from those impressive future visions to the more suble real-time warnings I sometimes think of as a danger sense. Trouble is, the more you tap into it for raw power, the less you're able to hear its guidance over the noise of your own activity."

-- Mara Jade, Vision of the Future p. 224 (paperback)

"Frivolous, speculation is, when patience will reveal all."

-- Yoda, Shatterpoint p. 5 (hard cover)

"Only a Sith Lord deals in absolutes."

Obi-Wan Kenobi, Revenge of the Sith (movie)

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