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Reflections on Real Stormtrooper Armor


April 29, 2005

Okay, that declaration might be a bit presumptuous (some might also call it crazy), but it got you to click into the article, didn't it? Seriously though, after attending Celebration III where fans dressed as stormtroopers were plentiful, I do suddenly have the urge to - at least once - don a set of the gleaming white armor and helmet. I don't really know why. Well, actually I do; stormtrooper armor looks plain awesome!

Turns out, though, that it's a bit pricey to convert onself into a faceless, nameless soldier in the servitude of the Empire. A high quality set of stormtrooper armor can cost nearly $1000. Quite an investment, huh?

I've never asked any of the troopers exactly what it's like wearing the armor (why this did not occur to me until now to ask the troopers is beyond me), but I can make a few educated guesses about wearing the armor. Mobility looks like it could be an issue. It doesn't look like you'd be able to bend your arms or knees very easily. I guess you'd get used to it, though. Maybe it's like when you go ice skating for a while, then take off your skates, and put your tennis shoes back on. Your feet feel funny and so much more relaxed, yet while you were skating you got used to the restrictive feel of the skates, and grew accustomed to the feeling. If that analogy makes any sense.

Stormtroopers have a plate of armor on their butt, which looks like it would make sitting down quite an ordeal. Biker Scouts seem to have an advantage in this department since they don't have a piece of armor there. Also, I think that using the restroom would be quite a production for someone wearing the armor. I wonder if they'd have to take nearly all the armor off? Probably. I guess you're supposed to go before you suit up and not drink many liquids while you're suited up.

Despite the drawbacks of the armor, there is a certain magic about the costume that must make wearing it worth it. In several instances at Celebration III I noticed children mesmerized with the stormtroopers and thrilled to get their picture taken with a fan clad in the white armor.

Speaking of children and stormtroopers, I'm reminded of a specific incident at Celebration III. For one of my volunteer shifts I was stationed at one of the doors to the convention center, and charged with the task of making sure that only people with certain badges would enter the door (Associates, Exhibitors, Press, VIPs, etc.). After my shift was over, my replacement arrived wearing stormtrooper armor. He had removed his helmet in order to see better as I gave him a brief rundown of what he was supposed to do at the post. Moments later a small boy approached him saying, "You're supposed to put your helmet on." The man in the stormtrooper armor smiled, replaced his helmet over his head and replied, "Yes, sir." The child's father smiled too, looking slightly embarrassed at his son's remark, and prodded the child to move on.

One can't mention fans dressed as stormtroopers without mentioning "The World's Definitive Imperial Costuming Organization", the 501st Legion. The organization has over 3,000 members from around the world, nearly half of them having a set of stormtrooper armor in their possession. Members of the group appear at conventions, make public and commercial appearances, but perhaps most importantly at all, they do a considerable amount of charity work, routinely visiting Children's Hospitals, participating in toy drives, and other admirable activities. I really can't say enough about these guys. They're awesome, and I salute them.

Stormtrooper costumes have become a popular fan favorite over the years. The day may come where I try the armor for myself, just once, but until that day it is fun to speculate and reflect on the sleek, mysterious suit that has captivated and mesmorized fans of all ages for over two decades.

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