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  Palpatine's Quest for The Apprentice

March 10, 2006


Move over Donald, there’s a new boss in town.

Emperor Palpatine

I’m Emperor Palpatine. I have hand picked these twelve candidates out of a pool of over a trillion applicants from all corners of the galaxy. They come from various backgrounds and walks of life; Jedi, crime lords, military tacticians, bounty hunters, Sith Lords, and Dark Jedi are all represented. Although their background and skill sets may vary, they all share one common goal: to become The Apprentice.

These contestants are about to embark on a rigorous twelve week job interview designed to put their leadership, intelligence, and adaptability to the test. They will be working with some of the biggest (and most feared) organizations in the galaxy including The Black Sun, CorSec, and The Empire. Each week the losing team

will have to endure my wrath in my state room where somebody will be fired. With a flamethrower. Only one will survive all the challenges. Only one will outlast all the others. Only one will become...

...The Apprentice!
The Candidates
Count Dooku Darth Maul Luke Skywalker Jango Fett Mace Windu
Boba Fett Anakin Skywalker Grand Admiral Thrawn General Grievous Jabba the Hutt Prince Xizor

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