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Children of the Jedi
Author:   Barbara Hambly
Series:   stand alone novel
First Edition:   Hardcover (May 02, 1995)
Length:   345 pages
Language:   English
Publisher:   Bantam Spectra
Book Description:
Princess Leia, Han Solo, and Chewbacca set out on a mission vital to the survival of the fragile New Republic. They are searching for the long-lost children of the Jedi on the frozen wrold of Belsavis, from whose dark crypts no one has returned.

Halfway across the galaxy, Luke Skywalker is on an equally dangerous mission. Taken aboard the enemy Dreadnaught Eye of Palpatine, Luke must find a way to destroy the automated ship before it completes the mission encoded into its supersophisticated artificial intelligence system: the total annihilation of Belsavis. To succeed, Luke will need the help of the spirit of the Jedi Knight Callista, who gave her life to stop the ship once before.

The mystery of the crypts, the invincible power of the Dreadnaught, the lost Jedi, and the burgeoning passion between Luke and Callista come together in a stunning climax worthy of the magnificent Star Wars saga.

Star Wars Children of the Jedi by Barbara Hambly
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